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Healthy Indoor Air

Our homes can actually poison us with unhealthy indoor air. If we reduce exposure to mold, mildew and indoor toxins from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), studies show that we can lower the incidence of flu, colds, allergies and asthma. Our children are particularly susceptible. Safequard their future by creating a healthy indoor air in your own home!

How does Sandswept create healthy indoor air?

Leaving Outside Shoes by the Front Door

The single most important way to improve indoor air quality is to leave outside shoes by the front door. That way, mold and mildew do not get a free ride inside!Shoes

A Negative Air System in the Crawl Space

A negative air system pulls air from the house into the crawl space and then exhausts it outside. Mold and mildew simply cannot grow in the vortex of moving air. This provides dramatically better indoor air quality. Check out the NAS website for more information.

In addition the crawlspace of the front house was sealed and conditioned. This helps warm the floors in the winter and reduces the loss of both heat and cold from HVAC ducts and plumbing.

Zero VOC Products & Finishes

When renovating or repairing, Sandswept does not use anything with Volatile Organic Compounds, known as VOCs, formerly common in paint.  VOCs emit toxic fumes which make us sick, especially in an energy efficient air tight home!

When it comes to flooring, Sandswept has only hard flooring –  tile, slate, renewable cork, or biodegradable, anti-microbial Marmoleum. All are zero VOC and most are cradle to cradle, which means that they can be returned to the factory to be recycled into new flooring! A Zero VOC carpet runner made from natural fibers is the only carpeting in the entire house.natural fiber carpet


Marmoleum flooring

Marmoleum flooring