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Conserving Water


Americans use 100 gallons of water per person each day, over 40% used in the bathroom.  Sandswept’s remodeling produced luxury bathrooms while significantly reducing water consumption & providing efficient delivery of hot water.

Here’s how:

  • Using  High Efficiency Toilets tested to flush 1000 grams of waste with only 1.28water sense toilet gallons of water! At 20 flushes a day, that saves $129/year and 16,206 gallons.
  • Using shower heads that feel like the standard 2.5 gallons per minute but only uses 1.5 gpm. Showering for 32 minutes a day will save $96/year and 11,972 gallons of water
  • Choosing faucets that use only 1.5 gpm and save $96/yr and 11,972 gallons of water [except in the kitchen]
  • Turbo-charging the hot water to stop wasting hundreds of gallons of water while waiting for hot water to arrive. Simply press a button & wait twenty seconds before turning on the faucet.
  • Using a Rinnai tankless hot water system that provides as much hot water as you need only on demand, instead of storing heated water in a large tank that might run out of hot water at peak times.

Rainwater Harvesting

Rain barrels capture rainwater that can be reused in the garden, reducing Sandswept’s water bill and the city’s storm runoff costs.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA